How to Add Money to your Personalized Card

With Cash at Any Check Lane

Simply bring your Personalized Card to any check lane or service desk. Ask the associate to load $10 to $1,000 directly onto your Personalized Card. The funds are immediately available for you to use. Reload fee is $3.

By Direct Deposit

The most convenient and FREE way to load your Personalized Card is by direct deposit. You can have up to $1,500 from your paycheck directly loaded onto your card. Your funds will be available on your normal payday. To enroll in direct deposit, print the form and give it to your employer. It's fast, easy, and FREE.

Use a ReCharge Card™

Never run out of funds on your card so you can keep earning rewards points. Purchase a ReCharge Card at a participating Fred Meyer® location near you. Take a ReCharge Card to the cashier to load any amount of cash from $10 to $1,000. ReCharge Card fee is $3.

Once you have purchased a ReCharge Card and you’re ready to add the funds to your Personalized Card, simply log in to your account or call 866-601-8091 to transfer your funds.


Get Help Tracking Your Accounts

Sign up for free text and email alerts with your Personalized Card.


Do You Cash Checks at Our Stores?

If so, remember you can have your cash added to your Personalized Card!


Customer Service: 866-601-8091

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